2017 North Coast Classic



"Peter Lucas"

The North Coast Classic is now in its seventh year! In our first six years we have paid out over £135,500 in prize money

We have SIX Hotspot races prior to the North Coast Classic Race from Cork. The six "Hot Spot" races will take place from 70, 95, 115, 150, 196, and 150 miles on consecutive Sundays.

Each week we have given prizes for the top 5 in each Hotspot race.

The final race, "The North Coast Classic", from Cork will be 265 miles.

Unlimited Pool

£10 Pool ( unlimited ) Winner Takes All . Only those who have paid are on the list . If I have missed anyone give me a call /text on 07719877139 Winners North & South IHU 18S 085829 Winners North...


Single bird nom

£10 Single bird nom for Hotspot 1 Winner Takes All . Only birds that have been paid will appear on the list . If I have missed anyone give me a call/ text on 07719877139 . Jeanette Taylor GB 18B 21165...


Hotspot 1

Weather forecast looks favourable for Tuesday , so if it remains so Hotspot 1 will go ahead on Tuesday . Basket list will be on both sites and good luck to all competing ....



Another successful trainer today again . Unfortunately two birds have sustained broken legs . GB18C14569 and GB18C21756 . Looking at forecasts it would suggest that Hotspot 1 will take place on Tuesda...


Hotspot 1 Update

Due to an adverse weather forecast we are going to postpone Hotspot 1 until the first favourable day . If the forecast changes then we can change also . We are going to train tomorrow morning . Any up...


Training 18/7/18

Birds away and home from today’s trainer . These youngsters know what the game is about . Lids down , half circle and straight home . Final trainer is tomorrow and I will post a returns list . These w...



Important I have had requests from people in syndicates who wish to pool their own birds . This would mean i would have to change it to a £10 pool ( pool as many as you wish ) . Would people let me kn...


£10 single bird nom

I am going to run a £10 single bird nom in all 6 hotspots . All money paid out . Payment by Paypal , family and Friends , northcoastclassic@live.com or cash paid 1 hr before birds ETA . All those inte...