2017 North Coast Classic



"Peter Lucas"

The North Coast Classic is now in its seventh year! In our first six years we have paid out over £135,500 in prize money

We have SIX Hotspot races prior to the North Coast Classic Race from Cork. The six "Hot Spot" races will take place from 70, 95, 115, 150, 196, and 150 miles on consecutive Sundays.

Each week we have given prizes for the top 5 in each Hotspot race.

The final race, "The North Coast Classic", from Cork will be 265 miles.

Prize and Pool Money

I would like to thank those that have been waiting on their cheques for Prize Money or Pool Money for their patience . A mix up at the Bank on the delivery of A new cheque book is responsible for the...


Youngsters for auction

Anyone still wanting their youngsters back, please get in touch with Sean ,Adrian or myself because after tomorrow Sunday ( 16th September ) all unclaimed youngsters still in the loft will be put onto...


Pools Results

Hawk Dodgers 50%of ABCDE plus 100%of£5nom and£10nom Total £1815 Tom Gorman 30% of E Total £315 O’Barrs 30% of ABCD plus 20% of E Total £693 Sons of Glyndwr 20% of ABC Total £172 Sea Og Dreamteam 20% o...


NCC Final Pools

Pools for NCC final. Important !!!! If paying by Paypal please use the families and friends facility . all pools must be posted and paid for before 12pm the night before the final. Please post in the...