2016 North Coast Classic



"Champion 321"

Winner Dalziel & Parker

The North Coast Classic is now in its seventh year! In our first six years we have paid out over £135,500 in prize money

We have SIX Hotspot races prior to the North Coast Classic Race from Cork. The six "Hot Spot" races will take place from 70, 95, 115, 150, 196, and 150 miles on consecutive Sundays.

Each week we have given prizes for the top 5 in each Hotspot race.

The final race, "The North Coast Classic", from Cork will be 265 miles.

Hotspot 5 update

Hotspot 5  will not take place on Monday 21/8/17 . Weather forecast for Tuesday is not great either , so it looks like Wednesday for Hotspot 5 . Both sites will be updated  tomorrow ....


Hotspot 5 Kilkenny

Hotspot 5 Kilkenny Sunday 20/8/17 is postponed . Weather forecast whilst being ok at the home end is poor with rain in the South. Monday’s forecast is worse , so hopefully Tuesday’s weathe...


Hotspot 5 Kilkenny

Weather forecast for Sunday is very poor and it does not look any better for Monday and Tuesday . We will update site with information regarding Hotspot 5 . Hopefully the forecast proves to be wrong ....


Birds are on their way . We hope to liberate 9 30 / 10am . We will confirm lib time later . A basket list is lon both sites now .Birds not going this week are Gb 17 L 31811 , Gb 17 B 20230 , Gb 17 b 2...