Bonus ball 2

Bonus Ball 2
9th November 2019 8:47 pm | By: NCC AUTHOR – Adrian
Bonus Ball 2020
2nd November 2019 3:55 pm | By: NCC AUTHOR – Adrian
Bonus Ball 2 2020


North Coast Classic One Loft Race, will be having a series of raffles….. Tickets will be priced at £15 per number (1-59). The winning number will be the bonus ball, as drawn on the National Lottery and the raffle will only proceed when all numbers have been sold.

Each winner will have a team of 6 youngster’s, that will be entered into our series of races and have the chance of winning up to £15,000. The youngster’s will be bred by a number of top fanciers and the winner will have a choice from 7 groups diminishing after each winner .
The bonus ball winner can if they wish enter a team of their own
Our choices this year are –

Terence McCrudden

Owen Markey

Harmony Lofts

Herbie Thorpe

Garret Hensey

Jeff Greenaway

After the final race the owner will have the option to keep their pigeon/pigeons, or place them up for auction and will receive 60% of Sale price .

To enter forward your name and raffle number via NCC Facebook page or by telephoning/texting Adrian Moffatt 07719877139 . Your raffle number CANNOT be confirmed until your payment has been received/ confirmed ,No exceptions!! Your choices will be posted on NCC website and NCC Facebook page daily and winners announced on both Ncc Website and NCC FB page .
Payments can be made to Adrian Moffatt Danske Bank sort code 950277 account number 80075981 . Cash payments can be made to Sean Diamond or Adrian Moffatt
All those paying by Paypal please use the friends and family facility
1 Tony Tobijanski. Paid
2 Carol Glass. Paid
3 Arthur O’Hanlon paid
4 Jim Jones. Paid
5 Harry paid
6 Tom Gorman. Paid
7 Andrew Newsholme paid
8 Eddie McGettigan Paid
9 Liam Perry paid
10 Carson Millican. Paid
11 Denis Gregg. Paid
12 Adrian Henry. Paid
13 Arthur O’Hanlon. Paid
14 Peter Greer paid
15 Andrew Newsholme. Paid
16.Nigel Moody. Paid
17 Dessie Quinn. Paid
18 Edward Maxwell. Paid
19 Liam Perry paid
20 Roy Martin. Paid
21 Kenny Glass paid
22Warren Doyle. Paid
23 Warren Doyle. Paid
24 Causeway Rockets paid
25 Carson Millican. Paid
26 Adrian Henry paid
27 Flying Kings. Paid
28 Flying Kings Paid
29 Hutton. Paid
30 Hutton. Paid
31 Tom York paid
32 Aine Byrne. Paid
33 Russell McAlary. Paid
34 Kenny Glass. Paid
35 Cause Park paid
36 Darren Tosh paid
37 Jimmy McSeveney paid
38 Tony Wing paid
39 Trevor McDonald paid
40 Causeway Rockets Paid
41 Peter Greer paid
42 Tadg Kelly paid
43 Denis Gregg. Paid
44 William Mills. Paid
45 Pat McLaughlin. Paid
46 Sam Clarke. Paid
47 Bobby Coyle. Paid
48 Edward Maxwell. Paid
49 O’Barrs. Paid
50 Darren Tosh. Paid
51 Cherrybrook Lofts paid
52 Ray McMonagle. Paid
53 Tadhg Kelly. Paid
54 Michael Glass. Paid
55. Tom York Paid
56 LMM. Paid
57 Russell McAlary. Paid
58 Sam Clarke. Paid
59 William Mills. Paid