Final 2020 Report

Rosscarberry NCC Final 2020
17th October 2020 8:29 pm | By: NCC AUTHOR – Adrian
North Coast Classic 2020
After a very trying few months with COVID-19 we thankfully were able to hold our series of Hotspots and Final. Unfortunately we had to drop one hotspot as with the late start we were afraid of the youngsters breaking in the moult . We had installed lights this year to help the youngsters keep in the best feather condition as possible . This worked a treat as anyone viewing the photographs or seeing the youngsters at the lofts can verify .
The final was scheduled for Saturday 13th September and the birds were checked , scanned and loaded unto the transporter on Friday afternoon . Michael Rabbett put every pigeon into the transporter after Sean had scanned and examined the youngsters under the watchful eye of Denis Gregg on the laptop . Matt Kelly and myself coaxed all the youngsters into the baskets and brought them forward to Sean .Everything went like clockwork and the whole process only took one hour .Transporter then was sealed up and Donny Dysart ( our Convoyer ) arrived , hooked the transporter on and the youngsters were on their way to Rosscaberry .
Saturday morning arrived and the weather at the home end was beautiful with a fresh SS west as was forecasted . I made a call to Donny and was advised that the sun was starting to rise and a good morning was on the menu . Donny said he would give the youngsters a couple of hand full of seeds to encourage them to drink and he would call me 15 minutes before he intended to liberate . He called at 8am to say the sun was out with some broken cloud with little on no wind of a southerly direction . We both agreed on real ease at 8 15am and on getting their freedom the youngsters left the transporter and were gone in seconds . A successful race was on the cards
At the lofts due to Covid restrictions our limited audience of 15 were in good spirits awaiting the arrival of the leading youngsters .Everyone there was welcome to avail themselves to Tea, coffee , soft drinks ,pastry , biscuits and sandwiches kindly provided by Matts wife Chris , my own wife Patricia , Hilary Beattie and Jackie Ferguson . Soft drinks supplied by Liam Hayes and Richard Butler .I don’t think anyone went home hungry .
Estimated time of arrival was 4hrs 20 minutes to 4 hrs 30 minutes . At the 4 1/2 hr mark 5 birds arrived together quickly followed by 2 more . These all trapped before another 5 appeared followed by another 4 . Birds continued to home all day making it a very successful race .
First through the trap was a bonus ball youngster bred by one of the best fanciers in the NIPA , Jeff Greenaway , owned by Bobby Coyle , a local top fancier . This youngster is bred in the purple , being off one of Jeff’s top racers ( now stock ) when paired to a hen that has bred birds to win 1st and 2nd Irish South Rd Fed , herself being a daughter of Billy Boy and Jeff’s 2013 NIPA Penzance classic Winner . This hen has proved to be a goldmine at stock breeding birds to win 5th Open St Malo , 3rd Open Kings Cup and 3rd Open Yearling Hens National .
In second spot came Tom Gorman of Carlow a prolific prize winner in the NCC , winning 3rd Place plus the 2 bird average in 2018 .Tom was 16th in 2019 . Could 2021 be his crowning glory ??? Toms bird is bred by top one loft pigeons . Both parents raced in the NCC last year for Team Ettrick ( Bobby Daziel ). Bobby gave Tom the pick of his birds after last years final , a great gesture from Bobby . Tom selected a blue cock off Bobby’s French Derby OLR winner paired to hen of Danny Dixon’s raced by Sean Og Dream Team which was 3rd Ace pigeon in 2018 . This hen was a bonus ball pigeon won by Artie . The dam of the cock in 2nd this year is off the French Derby OLR winner paired to a hen bred by R Herron & Son Washington Celtic which was 3rd Final NCC in 2016 .
Third position this year goes to a newcomer to the NCC , William Mills . William entered 9 and after the final he had 6 to take home . William’s prize winner Is full of top distance pigeons being from William’s friends in Wales Graham & Adam Thomas of Llantrissant who have bred 6 National winners plus 6 Welsh combine winners for themselves and bred birds for others that have won Nationals . William’s bird is off a full brother of Flyingbolt( Ad Scherlaeckens X old Van Hee Motta lines . Flyingbolt won Welsh National Brussels . On the dams side coming off Flyingbolt when paired to Baz Verkerk’s New Siena who incidentally on the same weekend as the NCC final was the dam of 5th and 19th Welsh Grand National Maidstone .
Next for fourth bird through the trap was Mossview Lofts ( Mark Milliken ) a top local fancier who figures prominently in our results and was 3rd in 2017 .Marks timer is a Frans Zwols , father from Ivan Stirling Pontefract though Dartanian x Tip top breeder . Dam is from Formula I Lofts , same way bred as Max winner of BICC Alecon National 2015 . This line of Zwols contain the Blood of his famous Eagle Boy ,Little Amy and 3 Muskateers .
In fifth and Sixth positions comes our 2 bird average winners Clovelly Lofts ( Alan Shanks ) who competes ever year in NCC . These two pigeons are full of top distance lines . 32402 sire is from Fox & McGlinchy and is Kilpatrick x Kenyon . Dam contains Geoff Hunts Scarecrow through Wesley Sayers and Jan Aarden invincible Spirit lines . 32414 sire is from Alan Neil being Walkingshaw x Jan Aarden .Dam contains all Alan’s old distance lines with additions from Alan Darragh, J Smyth and A & J Brown .
Seventh place this year goes to our resident Livestreamer Michael Rabbett . What an excellent job he has done for us these last 2 years . I have heard nothing but positive comments about his streaming and commentary . Michael is the head of a syndicate (
Dream Alliance )comprising of himself , his father Micky , his Brother and Trevor Hughes ( Sons of Glyndwr ) . Trevor unfortunately due to Covid-19 couldn’t be with us this year and him and Val were sadly missed . Their youngster’s sire is Leo Van Rijn gifted to Michael by Gary Jennings of Lisburn .He originally came from Ken Darlington being a grandson of Keizer Wonder 1st Welsh National and Gold Wonder hen winner of 1st, 1st and 2nd National .The dam was bought out of Ken Wilkinson’s clearance sale and is Wal Zoontjen , a grandaughter of Champion Jay ( 1st open NIPA Fermoy plus 6 x 1st ) when Jay was paired to a daughter of Geoffs Douglas’s Golden Pair .
In 8th place comes the first of the Harmony Loft pigeons , John and Viv being responsible for breeding 4 of the top 20 . This youngster was bought as a venture by Warren Doyle (Alanna ) and contains the long distance lines of Jos Van Olmen being clocked in Ireland from France , Harmony lofts were 93rd in Algarve Great Derby this year with a Jos Van Olmen .
Next up comes O’Barr’s for 9th Position . Ryan is no stranger to success with the NCC having already being our Champion and Ace pigeon winner .This youngster was bought as a venture ( Danny Dixon ) and is the third venture Of Danny’s Ryan has purchased to finish in the top ten . Ryan also purchased his winner direct from Danny and entered it in the NCC . Ryan has informed me that this is the Seventh top 20 finish he has achieved with birds bred from Danny’s birds . This years prize winner is a grandaughter of Dixie Chick and Lady Helen .
Completing the top 10 this year is J & V Syndicate ( John & Viv Abernethy) . This youngster is a Herman Cuesters , sire from David Sara and brother to John & Dessy McClurkins 2019 Penzance winner . Dam from David Sara a Herman Cuester .
Our ace pigeon raced for the Town & Country Syndicate, Danny Dixon , Rab McManus and Joe Kennedy . This is a Rudy Van Reeth bred by Joe . This excellent youngster won Hotspot 5 and runner up in Hotspot 3 . Joe also bred our second ace , another Rudy Van Reeth .
We would like to thank everyone for their support this year again , it is greatly appreciated. Judging by all that have contacted us about next year we are confident we will reach our limit of 600 pigeons , so if you are thinking of having a go with us next year feel free to contact us .