North Coast Classic 2018

North Coast Classic 2018.
Entry Fee is £125 per bird .After the final race is over all those who wish to reclaim their birds can do so free of charge .This means if you win the NCC you can walk away with the First prize of £15000 in one hand and your winning pigeon in the other .
Last years winner Peter Lucas went home after the presentation with his winning cheque in one hand and his winner in the other .After 14 days from the Final race ,if you don’t claim your pigeon back the pigeons left in the loft will go to an online auction ( PIGEON CHAT ) where they will be sold. The owners of these pigeons will then receive 60% of the price their pigeon makes, 40% will go to administration and auctioneers fees .If you fancy the idea of the birds being sold for you, then please make sure you send a pedigree with them,as its very hard to sell them without one.All prizes are based on 700 birds .