“North Coast Classic” Rules

1 The Race Shall Be Known As “The North Coast Classic” One Loft Race

2 All Entrants Must Be Accompanied With Pedigree’s  & Transfers

3 Entrants will be received at the Loft on each Sunday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. from the second Sunday in February until the 30th April. Alternative arrangements can be made by contacting our office. Upon entry all birds will be treated for paramyxo virus.

4. The management reserve the right to refuse entry of any bird.

5. Entry fee is £125 per entry. Deposit is £25 per bird. Balance, pedigree and transfer MUST accompany entries. No exceptions on this rule.

6. The organisers will supply ‘Venture’ youngsters, sourced from reputable breeders, which will be available for purchase by Members at £40 each plus £125 entry fee to compete in all remaining races from time of purchase.

7. Only Ventures Purchased BEFORE the first ‘Hot Spot’ Race will be eligible for ‘Ace Pigeon’ Competition.

8. The ‘Ace Pigeon’ will be calculated on a points system using TauRIS ETS Calibration.

9. Prize money is calculated on an entry of 700 paid birds.

10. SIX “Hot Spot” races will take place from 70, 95, 115, 150, 175, and, 200, miles on consecutive Sundays and the final race, “The North Coast Classic” from Skibbereen, 270 miles. The Ace Pigeon must  have Competed in all races,

11. Any dispute arising will be settled by the organising Committee.

12. Upon entering the Loft, all birds will become the property of the NCC and be transferred accordingly.

13. All remaining birds in the “North Coast Classic” will be offered back to the entrant at  NO COST. Any other costs will be the responsibility of the entrant. The NCC will assist in any way possible.

14. Birds will be timed in all races using the “TauRIS” electronic timing system.

15. The organising committee reserves the right to alter or cancel dates of liberation or sites at any time. The welfare of the birds is our main priority and any decision of the Committee will be final.

16. All race entries will be race marked by independent volunteers for each race under the supervision of the Committee, sealed in crates and secured for transport. Responsibility will then pass to the Conveyer / Race Controller and driver who shall remain with the entries until liberated. Fanciers wishing to act as markers / conveyers in any race will be welcomed and should contact any Committee Member.

17. Two Bird Average will be calculated on Time / Distance

18. Entry is Open, including International entries, however all birds MUST carry an approved Union / Association 2017 ring. It is the responsibility of the entrant to deliver entries to the Loft on the aforementioned dates; however the organisers will assist in any way possible, if contacted. Any financial liability will be the sole responsibility of the entrant.

19. The race web-site will be up-dated, when possible, giving details of training tosses, inventory lists of birds in loft, pools for that day’s race and results.

20. All race details, including pools, will be posted on the race web-site after each “Hot Spot” race. All pool’s and prize money will be paid to the winner’s within 10 days of published result on our web-site.

21. Pools and Nominations will be paid out as follows. Pools: 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%.

22. All queries regarding pool payouts have to be made within 7 days of published result on the website.

23. The NCC final is a one day race

24. In the event of no birds on the day all prize and pool monies will be flown for on the second day. The race will then close at 12.00PM on that same day.

25. In the event of only one bird on the day, it takes all prize money.

26. Any prize’ not filled on the day will be equally divided Between first day arrivals.

27. If none of the first day arrivals are pooled, then ONLY pool money will be flown for on the second day

28 If only one of the first day arrivals is all pooled &  nominated then winner takes al

29 All races will end at mid night on the day of liberation.